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Name: Creamy Powder

Creamy powder is spray dried powder which has gone through the embedding technology by selecting natural and high quality butter as the raw material, its fragrance is gentle and natural and its solubility is excellent. It can be applied for instant drinks to replace the milk powder partially or fully

Raw material
Cream (Milk Fat), stabilizers, emulsifier, free flowing agent

Physical Technologic

Fat: 28%; Protein: 6%
Moisture: 5%max.


Natural animal fats (Milk fat);
Milk flavor/strong pure milk flavor (No essence);
No added hydrogenated vegetable oils;
Make more favourable characteristics such as solubility, dispersibility, fine taste and delicious flavour;
To improve the color of beverage and make drink more delicious with natural creamy taste;
Partially replace milk and reduce the cost of dairy food.

Store in dry & sheltered warehouse with good ventilation away from strong odors and direct sunlight.


Shelf Life
18 months in original and unopened packaging.

25 kg net weight per
craft paper bag with poly bag liner inner

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