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Name: Milk Replacer for Baking Food

Milk Replacer for Baking Food


Product Description:

Milk Replacer for Baking Food is a powdery product in accordance with the standard of the state quality that consists of natural milk, lactose, milk albumin, cream powder, malt paste, and is manufactured by a series advanced procedure, including blending, sterilizing and spray drying.

Typical Specifications:
Fat                    20%min
Protein              10%min
Moisture           6% max

Product Properties:
The product contains lactoprotein and lactose, and its flavor is close to milk powder. Also it can replace partly milk powder.
I. Easily soluble in warm water (about 40), high stability.
II. Good taste, fat smells stronger than fresh milk, and milk flavor more firmness than milk powder
III. Add scent for baked food, and lift the grade of baked products.

Application Scope:
All kinds of solid foods and liquid protein beverages such as cream candy, ice cream, beverage, bean milk powder, peanut milk, as well as meat products. It is available for processing of biscuit, snack and bread.
I Bread: Strong fragrance, hold size, and non-retracting.
II Cake: soft and delicate
III Biscuit: slick, high quality and thick taste
IV Muffin: slick, soft, delicate, crisp and crumbly


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