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Corn syrup solids are produced by carrying out the corn syrup refining process until the dextrose content makes up more than 20% of the total dry product. Because of this high ratio of dextrose, corn syrup solids are often used as a sweetener, especially in low-fat foods. Corn syrup is often used in low-fat foods as it adds sweetness, viscosity, and improves texture. Easy to handle, has high solution clarity and is bland in flavor. Has consistent carbohydrate distribution and low ash content. Controls crystallization and provides bulking properties.


General Description:
Corn Syrup Solids is a spray-dried
• saccharification product.
Corn Syrup Solids is a free-flowing, hygroscopic
• powder that solves readily in water and consists of a special carbohydrate composition.
Appearance: white powder

Odor: neutral, pure

• slightly sweet
Analytical Data
DE-value (Dextrose Equivalent):
• 22/24/28/35/40/42
Moisture: max. 6%

Bulk density (loose): 500 - 600 g /
• l

•Total plate count: max. 1,000 cfu/g
•Coliforms: negative cfu/g
•E. coli: negative cfu/g
•Yeast and Mold: max. 10 cfu/g
•Salmonella: negative /250g.


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